Congratulations to the winners of the
2016-2017 EESF/AEESP Student Video Competition

First Place

The University of South Florida for Change Climate Change

Team members:

  • Kevin Orner, Team Leader
  • Jorge Calabria
  • Philip Dixon
  • Ryan Graydon
  • Charlotte Haberstroh
  • Emma Lopez
  • Christy Prouty
  • Laura Rodriguez-Gonzalez
  • Dr. James Mihelcic, BCEEM, Faculty Advisor

Second Place

Florida International University for Take Action on Climate Change

Team members:

  • Allyson Tombesi, Team Leader
  • Sarah Solomon
  • Ron Hariprashad
  • Shonali Laha, Faculty Advisor

Third Place

University of Southern California for Small Changes; Big Impact

Team members:

  • Autumn Gupta, Team Leader
  • Cassandra Boyle
  • Bryanna Wallace
  • Kelly Sanders, Faculty Advisor

Teams of undergraduates and graduates studying environmental engineering and science were challenged to create 2-3 minute videos on the topic "what can individuals do to help reduce climate change". The target audience was 8th grade and higher students as well as the general public. Entries were evaluated on their effectiveness in reaching target audiences, creativity, accuracy, and plans for distributing the final video product. Each video also addressed the roles of Environmental Engineers and Scientists in solving climate related problems.

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