The 2024 application cycle for the Environmental Engineering and Science Foundation Scholarships is now closed. Thank you to all of the applicants.

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Environmental Engineering and Science Scholarship FAQs

What are some acceptable Environmental Engineering undergraduate majors?
Civil, chemical, mechanical or environmental engineering (or related field).

What are the acceptable Environmental Science majors?
Environmental Science or Environmental Studies. Areas of focus within the major are available such as environmental biology, ecology, environmental chemistry, atmospheric sciences including climate change, environmental geology, environmental resources management, and environmental policy. (This list does not list all areas of focus. Your area of focus will need to be listed on your application.)

Do all forms have to be submitted together?
No. Forms can be submitted separately however, all forms must be submitted by the deadline date in PDF format to Yolanda Moulden,

Do I need to send an official transcript?
Yes, all transcripts must be official from your school. You may scan the transcript and submit in PDF format as long as the seal of the university indicating that it is an official transcript is legible in the PDF.

My grade point average is under the required criteria 3.0. Would I still be eligible to apply for your scholarships?
No, you must meet the minimum grade point average requirement.

How can I find out if the program I will be enrolling in is eligible for a scholarship?
Please email a link for your curriculum to We will review it to determine whether or not it matches the criteria for the scholarship.

Can my college/academic advisor also be one of my references?
Yes, your college/academic advisor may also be one of your references.

I am a US resident, but attend and/or intend to apply to a school outside of the US. Would I still be eligible to apply for your scholarships?
No. The scholarships are intended for US universities only.

Are international students studying within the US eligible for the scholarship?
You are eligible to apply if you are a permanent resident or US citizen.

Is this scholarship only for full-time students?

I already have a Master's Degree, but plan to pursue an additional one. Would I still qualify for the scholarship program?
Yes. As long as you meet all other eligibility requirements.

Please submit additional questions to Yolanda Moulden,

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